Driss CHEIKH, our master carpenter : as a team Leader he was in charge of the wooden structures, specific orders for specific volumes and our own design furniture execution. He masterized the entire finishing process to the highest level achievable.


All photographers, starting with Nicolas and Emma SALET who discovered the riad on the edge of completion and their work is the reflexion of a finished Riad,


Maxime LIAUTAUD and Cloé HUET who shot the "Karawan Riad, Home of Travelers » a beautiful movie about Fez and the Riad broadcast on this website,


Camilla LINDQVIST, a professional photographer from Stockholm, known for her glossy metallic pictures of the world around her, portrayed our team as well as the riad,


Kathi and Romeo, an austrian couple, blogger-travelers, who performed some beautiful pictures of food, cook Outhmane and the riad in itself; they also realized a charming movie «Our travel guide to Fez» available here,


Adrien LANSKIN (from Lanskin Connection and Stephanie’s brother, our decorator), whose pictures illustrate coverage about Karawan Riad in iD Prestige magazine issued December 2015.


Thanks to your work, we were able to start our Riad-Hotel project on the web and communicate towards journalists : we will always be grateful and happy to have you back at Karawan.

Stéphanie LANSKIN

Creator of ambience, french young designer, fond of moroccan craftwork but also of beautiful material is guided by her need to create.  Free spirit, she is inspired by a steeped in History place for recreating a warm contemporanean style space mixed with its moroccan feature. Centuries year old walls converse with modern furniture and antiqued artefacts. The result seduces. Thanks a lot Stéphanie for these three fruitful years of passion.